Costume Construction: Stitching - Draping


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Independent Study in Period Styles

My capstone project for my BFA in Theatre Design and Technology at Adelphi was completed in tandem with my Honors College thesis, and both dealt with investigating the lives of women theatre professionals of the late Nineteenth Century. For this project, I constructed a corset from an 1895 pattern published in Corsets and Crinolines, by Norah Waugh. I then designed a ballet costume inspired by images I had discovered through my research, and draped and sewed a muslin mock-up for the design. 


I have worked as a stitcher in many environments, from the Adelphi University costume shop to the Metropolitan Opera, in fast-paced and high-pressure environments where efficient work and a can-do attitude were crucial. I have worked on all kinds of garments including dancewear, contemporary fashion, and period styles. My work as a stitcher has informed my design process by teaching me what can be achieved with different materials, how to design with a long-running production in mind, and how to collaborate effectively with the members of a costume shop. I have also had the opportunity to be the Teacher's Assistant for the Costume Construction and Draping courses during my junior and senior years at Adelphi University. 


Included here are highlights from some of my favorite stitching projects from my two summers at the Santa Fe Opera (Stitcher/Dresser Apprentice in 2016 and Staff Stitcher in 2017).


I was the Draper for Adelphi University's production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, with costume designs by Sean Sullivan. Working from the designer's renderings, I used draping and flat-patterning methods to draft the three ensembles pictured. I also worked with the costume shop on the construction and alteration of the dresses. 


Awards: Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas Award for Allied Design (KCACTF 2015). 

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